Best Practices To Promote Your Star Employee

by | May 2, 2022 | Employee

Is your star employee ready to take a management role?

Often small business owners promote one of their young stars from a job as an individual contributor to a managerial position, and in the end they are disappointed with the results.  You may have had a similar experience and learned from your mistake.  Or you may currently be considering promoting one of your own star performers.  But before you promote that individual, engage in a “best practices”’ move.  Pause and assess the individual. 

Determine what skills he or she may be missing or needs to strengthen.  We must set our employees up for success. 

From my experience there are FOUR SKILLS that first time manager / leaders are often lacking because they have not receive training or experience. 

  1. Delegation
  2. Creating goals for others
  3. Developing employees
  4. Leadership communications

The number one skill is delegation.  A manager gets work done through others, which requires an understanding of what needs to be delegated.

So how do you know if your star performer has the capacity to delegate? 

SOLUTION:  To have the employees you are considering for promotion, put together a list of tasks they are currently doing, that they believe should be delegated and to whom they should delegate it.  If they struggle with this it is time to pause and coach them or get them some training.        

Let me know if you have any questions, you are very welcome!