Bookkeepers record all the financial transactions that take place in a business or other organisation. The Bookkeeper is also responsible for the filing and safekeeping of the source documents (such as invoices, receipts, or deposit slips) relating to these transactions. In addition to this, a bookkeeper might be required to perform a variety of administrative duties (see source below for a link to the online resource this information was taken from.)

Record transactions in the correct journals and post the entries to the relevant ledger accounts.
Prepare trial balances.
Make sure that supplier invoices and accounts are paid on time.
Issue invoices and statements of account to customers, and ensure that the clients settle their accounts promptly.
Ensure that source documents and other relevant paperwork are filed correctly.
Make cash deposits at the bank.
Do monthly bank reconciliations.
Manage the flow of petty cash.
Provide accountants and auditors with access to the relevant financial documents and records.
Provide administrative support.
Complete the organisation’s tax returns.

Take charge of payroll administration.