Labour Law

The South African Labour Law has at its core the well-being of workers in the country. Our comprehensive legislation ensures that the employee is protected from unsafe practices and unfair dismissal, it makes allowance for equity in the work environment and provides workers with a safety net in cases of exploitation and unfair business practice. Employers are often negative regarding the legislation, but when one has a thorough understanding of the purpose of the particular Acts, it is clear that companies are also protected.

Our aim is to ensure that business owners comply with the current legislation as well as future amendments to the various Acts. We have extensive knowledge of the different relevant Acts and can provide your business with the necessary tools, methods, and strategies to avoid any and all pitfalls with regards to implementation of these Acts.

These Acts include, but is not limited to:
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Employment Equity Act
Labour Relations Act
Compensation for Occupational Diseases and Injuries

In the unfortunate event that you have a legal dispute with an employee, we offer a mediation service, a disciplinary service as well as a dispute resolution service. Also, refer to our training and development option where we provide training on the various legislations. 

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