Training is but one of the Human Resource Professional’s functions, but it may be regarded as the most important one. The aim of training and development is to enhance the employee’s function in the workplace, it leads to less misunderstanding and future conflict and creates an environment where the employee feels valued. Also, training for managers and supervisors may result in better compliance with the South African Labour Legislations, ultimately resulting in fewer labour disputes.


Examples of the training options we have available:
Training of the casual worker (e.g. domestic worker, garden worker, etc.)
Education with regards to Labour Relations in the Workplace
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Conflict resolution methods and strategies
Basic Employment Equity
Reading and understanding the employment contract
Safety and the importance of a safe workplace
How to motivate your biggest asset, the employees


These are a mere handful of our options available. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs as training programs can be adapted or created to suit your specific needs. We also offer on-site training at very reasonable prices.