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Welcome to AF Consulting, where we redefine the HR experience for small business owners ready to invest in their success. As your dedicated HR consultant, I specialize in navigating the complexities of Labour law, fostering positive industrial relations, and streamlining recruitment processes.

In today’s challenging work environment, being the best boss for your business requires strategic HR expertise. I am here to guide you through the intricacies of workforce management, ensuring compliance with Labour law while nurturing a workplace culture that thrives on positive relationships and human connection.

At AF Consulting we understand the unique needs of small businesses (or smart businesses what I like to call small business owners, because there is nothing small about being a business owner)   . Our personalized service is designed to empower you as a business owner, providing tailored solutions that align with your goals. Whether you’re facing HR challenges, seeking expert advice on industrial relations, or aiming to optimize your recruitment strategy, I am committed to being your trusted partner on this journey.

Invest in the success of your business by investing in your workforce. Let [Your Business Name] be your strategic HR ally, turning challenges into opportunities and fostering a workplace where both business and employees can thrive.


By working with Arina Fyfer and AF Consulting, you can be assured of our experience, knowledge and commitment to assist your business with growth and success.

Arina studied at UNISA and received her degree – BComm majoring in Industrial & Organizational Phychology.

She is also registered with SABPP: Associate HR PRofessional – Member No: 509 05171.

“From as far as I can remember I always wanted to be a teacher and I really enjoyed training all the newbies in my role as Head of Reception at the Hospital. Having worked in the medical office administration for a large part of my adult life, it certainly taught me a mixture of skills.

After that, I decided to further my studies to make a difference in the area I am most passionate about, people!  I studied BCom Industrial and Organisational Psychology with Labour Law as extra subjects.  I always knew I wanted my own business, and AF Consulting was founded in 2015, the outcome of my belief in the Human Connection at work.

My passion for your business, is to provide services relating to Human Resources, Recruiting, Training and Labour Relations to business owners of small and medium enterprises.  Being a people-person, I consider my core competencies to be my ability to motivate, encourage, empower, and uplift fellow business owners.  I can take the emotion out of the situation and base my decisions on facts.  Another fact that benefits you as a business owner is that I have been an employee and your employees can’t BS me.”

Anything is possible with an active Human Resources business partner.  Whether you are a small business with 5 employees or 50 employees you need a Human Resources Department.  I have successfully solved these  problems among others for small business owners:

1)      Setting up a new office from scratch for my client.  This entailed setting up policies and procedures, contracts, and recruitment.  This business was approved by one of the National departments.

2)      Setting up contracts and having meetings with staff after the business was taking over by a new employer.  Negotiating new hours and new weekly wages according to the needs of the new employer.

3)     Setting up policies for a business that had been operating for some years.  Helping them with successful implementation of these policies.

4)  Successful handling of a scenario where an employee was so depressed after finding out she was pregnant that she did not want to come back to work.

5)      Successful retrenchment of staff without any comeback.

6)   Facilitated the process of employees that have issues with both misconduct and performance.

7)     Informing skilled employees that they will not be paid at the end of the month because their employer had cash flow problems.  No comebacks

8)      Trade union negotiations

9)   Successful placing of candidates by using my tried and tested methods.

We are continually developing ourselves to make sure we offer you the best.  Business owners need to know how to handle their employees to get the best out of them.  Dealing with staff is not always clear-cut and definitely not always easy.  I have also had cases where employees went to the CCMA after all the right processes were followed, but then I am also there to support you.

On a personal note, I enjoy long-distance running, I actively participate in Dog Showing with my Beagles, and I am training to become a Dog Show Judge.


Human Resources

Includes Performance Management, Employee Wellness, Reward Systems and Encouraging the Human Connection at your workplace

Labour Law & Industrial Relations

Do you have a dispute? We offer mediation, a disciplinary service as well as dispute resolution

Recruitment & Retrenchment

We specialize in finding the right person for the right position

Coaching, Workshops & Online Store

Support and Mentoring of Business Owners as well as general training for your employees



We strive to be a leading Human Resources consulting agency on global standards most admired for its authentic & passionate leaders.


Our mission is to empower organizations worldwide by delivering unparalleled Human Resources solutions. Committed to excellence, we cultivate authentic and passionate leadership, driving positive change and fostering a workplace where individuals thrive and businesses prosper.


COMPASSION for our clients and teams.

ALWAYS GROWING AND LEARNING new things to grow, but also learning from our mistakes. 

Building quality relationships based on INTEGRITY and ETHICS.

Foster and encourage AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE every day, no matter how small.


SKILL SET: Af Consulting is a Human Resources Agency that specializes in Labour Law, Recruitments and Coaching & Workshops. As Industrial and Organisational Psychology experts, we believe in continuous professional development to keep us up to date with the industry.

APPROACH: To us you are not just a number. We like to think of our clients as our extended family and work towards finding the best solutions. We treat each case on its own merits and follow the rules and believe in work ethics.

ATTITUDE: We believe in the ripple effect of positive thinking, are hardworking and have a solution approach rather than a problem approach.

UNIQUE ABILITIES: We are passionate about people and the challenges they face everyday in the workplace. That gives us a thorough understanding of individuals.  The way they think and how it influences their behaviour in the work environment is the key to positive and productive work relationships.

QUALITY: No project is too big or too small. We are continually evolving, adapting to continually emerging accepted best practises and accepted standards. Our personal service and flexibility set us apart from our competitors

Mindset is everything