Shake It Off!

by | May 23, 2023 | Tips

Last week, Arina went for an afternoon jog after having one hectic day at work. You know, those days when nothing goes as planned and whatever you do to try and stay positive, also seems to fail. While jogging, she spotted a tired golden retriever that was limping his way over to the water. He laid in the water for a few seconds to catch his breath and shortly after he stood up, shook the water off and had a new bounce in his step, as if nothing was wrong and he was not tired just two seconds ago. She thought to herself “why can’t we be like dogs and just shake our problems and worries off”, truth is, YOU CAN!

Our success and happiness is on us. We cannot punish ourselves and throw hissy fits because we didn’t get what we want and what we think we are deserving of. Sure cry a little if it helps, vent to your best friend or spouse, go to church and pray- as long as it’s improving the situation and not hurting you more. Lick your wounds and then get back out there like the success hungry wolf we all are because success isn’t granted overnight.

Share your story where you received inspiration from something or someone unexpectedly because inspiring stories have the power to lift our spirits, motivate us, and remind us of the potential for greatness within ourselves.

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